Women dating sites so picky

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I’m meeting cool men, giving them a real chance, and keeping my radar out for a true connection.Maybe I am picky, but for me, it sure beats the hell out of being unhappy.“It’s like no one’s good enough for her.” I know she meant well, but my friends' words stung.I constantly hear variations on the idea of "being too picky" directed at myself and other single women, although the language tends to be softer: Some people are less subtle, like my grandparents asserting I won’t always be young and pretty and it’s my responsibility to lock down a man now.

And whether that’s because I’m getting creepy vibes or he reminds me of my ex or I’m just plain not feeling any sparks, I’m allowed to listen to and honor that."I always had a three-date rule," one friend said to me, knowingly.“It can take that long to get to know someone.” “If I hadn’t given Eric another chance, we definitely wouldn’t have ended up together,” added another, who met her now-husband in college and was friends with him for years—a situation sliiightly different from 30-something me going out to dinner with men I’ve messaged on dating sites.They’re engaged within a year, they’re confident and glowy instead of hesitant and stressed-out over every date, detail, and text.Not that it’s totally smooth sailing from day one, of course, but there’s a beautiful smoothness when a grown-ass woman finds her person.

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