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On the new album there’s a cover of Bluebirds Over The Mountain that you recorded with Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders? I don’t want to be stuck in the past – like so many of my contemporaries. With the Sensational Space Shifters you always play some Led Zep stuff. Earlier this year you did Kashmir with Nigel Kennedy. It’s not a song I would normally do, but I mean, when else to do it but with an orchestra and Mad Man Kennedy? It’s like there is nothing new and exciting out there any more, when in fact there is. The building sits atop Seattle's Puget Sound; guests can actually fish directly from their windows.The 1985 Led Zeppelin biography – which got much of its information from Zep road manager Richard Cole – describes a graphic scene in one of the rooms.with Alison Krauss, it is as the singer with the once world-conquering Zep that Robert Plant – doubtless often much to his chagrin – will forever be best remembered. His latest album is the just-released , again recorded with his somewhat aptly named band the Sensational Space Shifters. Okay, so let’s say instead that you left Austin because you missed the misty mountains. British musician and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and Janis Joplin were rumored to have had a relationship for four months before Janis Joplin died, aged 27.

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If you were wondering who has Janis Joplin dated, you will find all of the famous Janis Joplin relationships on this comprehensive list.

It’s a big world, music, now, and some of it gets to me and some of it doesn’t. Well, I think it ran out of steam a little bit, didn’t it? It probably peaked, did what it had to do, and now the hybrids of rock have become like Them Crooked Vultures and people like that, which is good music but it’s not rock. Maybe my idea of what rock was probably was a bit lost in translation.

Sadly I’m not, so sometimes I miss things completely.

On most of your albums, you often refer to places you’ve been to. And if you listen to the album you can hear me pouring out my heart to whoever’s interested.

Carry Fire seems to be about the period of time you spent living in Austin, Texas. Austin was just the door, the portal for finding that there’s so much more to… Everybody knows it’s a great democratic, liberal centre of stuff, but take the roads west from there and you turn into Comanche country. I didn’t look for anything, but then I found this sort of remarkable lure towards the majesty of the Comanche nation. Is that in your blood, is that what makes you who you are? Well, I’ve got acquaintances in the form of friends and I’m acquainted with beautiful places as well.

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