Who is whitney duncan dating

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and im getting like the same amount for each so i dont know which to believe!he should just tarikh me ;) hahaha jk i wish him all the happiness in the world with whoever he dates/gets married too etc. Lol) Now how did Christian throw away her shoes in Tennessee when he was in Portland filming Leverage?I know how anda feel, he keeps his social life pretty private!LOL But i know for a fact that he's not married i've seen interviews where he's been asked that question, and he seemed pretty adamant about that fact.:) alright well ive looked around and i noticed Christian and Whitney arent following eachother on twitter, as if that means anything, im just sayin they arent. I know he's not married cause in his interviews he always says that when he sings he tells the truth and he wouldn't sing about being married cause he knows nothing about it... Christian is in Portland filming leverage right now.... Leveragegal23 He was in Nashville right before that tweet.i also saw a tweet from Whitney (from 2 days lalu i believe) that berkata "my guy was just mistaken for Zach Efron" -i dont think christian would be mistaken for zach efron... and from what I've read recently, he's currently single... Yes he is single he might be going out on dates but dose not have a girl friend right now i am sure cause i was looking around and when to all his interviews that he made he did say he was single so if any ladies think they have a chance now would be a good time to find out but i would Cinta to meet him i have a few songs i wrote i think he would enjoy cause i wrote it with him in mind LOL any ways there u all go I hope he's dating Whitney Duncan. To which I respond: "I hope not, he's too cute to be gay." I know this doesn't answer the question, but I wanted to put it anyway. Whitney is in Tennessee, and just tweeted this 2 wks lalu on twitter ...(Whitney Duncan: Was looking for my new shoes today, & found them in the garbage. And if anda look back to January you'll see the same hari he flew in to tennesee (his tweet) she's talking about her boyfriend serenading her in the bath tub LOL I'm not quoting from that...I would have fallen in love on ." "I'm not going to start talking about [my marital status] now just because of something that's come out. I was in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship," she added.

In an interview with Reality TV World in December 2011, Duncan said, "I genuinely did fall in love on the island and never in a million years would I have thought that...They married on August 10, 2010 after two months of dating.However, they never shared this information with family and friends .As far as the relationships he's had atau if he's in one now, i don't know, sorry, but like i berkata that's something he doesn't talk about. : DD I think he has a girlfriend named Whitney Duncan.She is a country Muzik singer that he met when he was Penulisan songs in Nashville a few years ago. I heard they broke up before he started doing Leverage but then i read somewhere else that they are still together so who knows.

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