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She’s appeared in several hot and jaw-dropping shoots, showing off her unique look, curvy body, and “assets.” Following her highly publicized affair with Jesse James, she dated freestyle motocross rider Luke Urek.It’s unclear if they’re still together because they’ve essentially disappeared after their 15 minutes were up.The scandalous affair turned Bombshell from being an unknown to being the world’s most famous homewrecker.She’s performed at some of the most famous gentlemen’s clubs, worked in the adult film industry, and has her own webcam show.She said, “I would never have hooked up with [James] if I thought he was a married man.” Judging from the way she looks in her Motorhead tank top, leopard skin pants, and showing off her tattoo-covered body, she might have been too hot for Jesse James to handle.In addition to being the world’s most famous mistress, she’s also been busy working.

Moreover, Kelly was also accused of marrying the singer Aaliyah, when she was minor.James is best known as a motorcycle builder and reality TV host.Roughly 5 years later in 2010, a scandal broke when several women came forward and claimed to have had an affair with James during his marriage. She spilled the beans to where she claimed to have had an 11-month affair with James while he was still married to Sandra.michlee bombshell mcgee is a stripper and model who lives in san diego,ca.Some celebs are famous because they’re actors who put on a stellar performance in every film they appear in.

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