Who is luis nani dating

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Only eight years ago, Louis took to the X Factor stage himself to audition but now sits on the other side of the stage judging contestants.

His days in One Direction has made him incredibly famous, to the point where overly-obsessed fans know pretty much everything there is to know about him. There are several theories Directioners have come up with about how the two met, with some claiming that Harry Styles was a mutual friend who introduced them.

She is a brilliant woman, with a spectacular sense of humor, she’s sweet and very sure of herself, which for me is a turn on.

It all started as a friendship, because I was in a period of transition.

Then he followed performances that were bad, he did not gave up and played with with several matches.

That was that, but little by little we began to talk.But how does that work, to start a relationship with a star, because you meet girls everyday? (Laughs out loud) What made it different for me is that I was getting out of a very public separation, so I wanted to takes things slowly.Obviously, I was already separated and finalizing my divorce, so my energy wasn’t at 100% when I met her.Nani acts as a winger for the Portugal team and English club Manchester United.He’s made 77 appearances and scored 15 goals since he began playing with the national team in September 2006.

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