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The 33-year-old is a self-taught sensualist in real life who loves to indulge (spas, chocolate, travel, designer clothes, you name it) so stepping into her role as Megan on the award-winning drama, Mad Men, was something she felt completely suited for.

In the last two seasons of the series (a new episode airs on April 13), the Québécoise actress particularly brought the heat as she managed to eclipse every scene she was in by her smouldering portrayal of Don Draper’s secretary-turned-wife. It would be hard to find a man who could come up with something hard for her to handle. I read her biography as a kid and it stayed with me since. I am dating [musician] John Kastner—who is also from Montreal.

A little bit more about the culture, sort of the increase of the sexual freedoms and drug use, and that sort of thing.

How do you think it would be if Megan was in the role that Betty was in in the suburbs with the kids?She was, like, “Sorry.” I’m like, “What do you mean sorry? Did you listen to certain music or talk to anybody, relatives, or anything like that? Before the season, I’ll sort of do a little bit of research into the big events that happened that year, but the scripts tend to deal with cultural events of significance. ” But I didn’t want to put any stock in it, because I was, like, Matt could still change his mind by Monday, but he didn’t, so… So I’ll look more deeply into those when we’re shooting on that particular episode. Per Megan’s world, is there anything where you look at it and say, “I wish we still did this,” and anything where, “Thank God, we don’t still do that? They dated eight years before when they were both working summers in Martha’s Vineyards. If you could write Megan’s end, what would you write? She was my favorite character on the show until I started moving in. I like Megan more now.” I think that character is so fascinating and so well drawn because you can really see how she did everything right. PARE: I could if I wanted to but the truth of the matter is if I do still have a job on the best show on TV then I don’t want to get another job on the not the best show on TV. What’s the wackiest experience you have had with a fan?

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