Who are deanna pappas dating today

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But now it's more like well, for myself, I'm trying to figure things out.

Reality TV World: I was expecting to ask you if the special gave you the answers and closure you were looking for, but after watching it, it looks like you weren't really looking for closure, is that right?

Between the producers and my dad, I spent so much time talking to these people and trying to understand and they were trying to understand -- it was pretty much confusing for every single one person.

Reality TV World: We obviously saw your initial reaction during the special, but now that you've had a few more days to think about it, does the disconnect you felt between Brad's comments that he'd been thinking about you every day and his lack of interest in pursuing your relationship further make any more sense to you?

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Whether the closure was for myself to be able to move on or whether the closure was to be with Brad and we could move on and further our relationship, I was looking for closure. Yes, in a certain sense, I guess, because I have to move on.

Reality TV World: Were you surprised that he let you walk out of his life again at the conclusion of the Reality TV World: And what was it you were hoping for, were you hoping to resume the relationship?

De Anna Pappas: I was, I was hoping I would go there and we would be able to have a relationship to see if we could get to that point, because it's so confusing how someone can look you in the face and say "You're everything that I've been looking for in a woman, I see you as soulmate" and all these things but [then say] "Sorry, I have to let you go." Reality TV World: During the show, you presented yourself as a really strong, independent woman and Brad even commented on that several times.

That was so good to me on so many levels, because I could speak to my dad, I could ask his advice and throughout this entire crazy journey I was able to talk to my dad. Reality TV World: Did Brad ever talk to your dad at all after the final Rose Ceremony or were you the one who had to explain the situation to him? De Anna Pappas: The producers and myself had to explain the situation to my father, he never got to talk to Brad.

Reality TV World: So your father was the only one that was able to comfort you over the last couple of months? I mean of course, I talked with the producers and they were amazing.

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