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Use one of our offers today to start your profile and join the 1.6 million people around the UK who have already found their match.Scared of commiting to a long-term relationship with Match.com? offers a variety of short-term subscriptions for first-timers so that you don’t need to stress about value for money. is happy to cut the small talk and set up events for singles in your area so that you don’t have to.Download today and start ‘smart’ dating to find your perfect partner.With detailed profiles, support from virtual dating guides and exclusive access for paying members, it means you can find someone serious about dating and not have to read between the line.With 30% off, you can choose from a one month, three-month or six-month subscriptions, helping you get all the perks of the app without the long-term commitment. Setting the mood for romance, you could be learning how to make sushi or having a cocktail making masterclass with your potential partner without the worry of having to come up with conversation online.Use the promo code to knock money off the next event or for your subscription so that you can enjoy dating wherever you want.

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That is why they’ve set up two key features to help when you’re messaging on the app.

Whatever you’re shopping for, we’ve got the best offers and discount codes to help you save money.

From restaurant vouchers and fashion discounts to savings on days out, gyms and even utilities – we've got you covered!

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There’s no age limit for love, and it’s never too late to find a soul mate or even just a new friend.

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