Vcl updating tcomponent classes ma dating services

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Third-party libraries may need updates from the vendor but, if source code is supplied, recompilation with the newer version may be sufficient.

For example, C Builder 6 and later can consume Delphi source code and C in one project, while packages compiled with C Builder can be used from within Delphi.In 2007, the products were released jointly as RAD Studio, a shared host for Delphi and C Builder, which can be purchased with either or both.Delphi uses the Pascal-based programming language called Object Pascal introduced by Borland. Its visual designer has traditionally used Visual Component Library (VCL) for RAD.Pascal was originally developed as a general-purpose language "suitable for expressing the fundamental constructs known at the time in a concise and logical way", and "its implementation was to be efficient and competitive with existing FORTRAN compilers" but without low-level programming facilities or access to hardware.Turbo Pascal and its descendants, including Delphi, support access to hardware and low-level programming, with the facility to incorporate code written in assembly language and other languages.

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