Updating old bathroom tile

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"Baths lend themselves to going way over the top," he says.

"We don't spend a lot of time in bathrooms, so a strong jolt of color here can be invigorating — go for it!

Looks like you may be living with that Pepto-Bismol-pink powder room for a while. "Pink, black and white could be a very HOT color scheme.

But no matter how outdated your bathroom, there is always a way to make it look fresh and fun. I would take inspiration from Dior's 'new look' in fashion from the mid- to late- 1950s, which featured these exact colors.

The key is enjoying what you have and not trying too hard to change it into something it's not." And, for goodness' sake, says Roderick, don't take your bathroom decor (or yourself) too seriously.

Though your beige-speckled tiles may shout "1970s," an earth-toned bathroom offers plenty of modern possibilities.Use the beige as a blank canvas and go with whatever bright, bold hue your heart desires."Depending on your taste," says Roderick, "you could add red, turquoise, magenta — any of those would work well here.Your first instinct may be to rip out the outdated bath, right down to the studs, but that isn't always practical.For one thing, many rental buildings won't allow it; for another, do you really want to spend ,000 redoing a bathroom you intend to use for just two years?

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