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To enable the preview feature, select File Preview Features, then select the checkbox beside Bookmarks.You'll need to restart Power BI Desktop after you make the selection to enable the preview version of bookmarks.There may be other uses, too, based on how you think bookmarks could best be used.Beginning with the March 2018 version of Power BI Desktop, bookmarks are generally available.You can use bold, italic, and underline formatting and hyperlinks.

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The order of your bookmarks can become important when you use the View feature of bookmarks, as described in the next section.

To use bookmarks, select the View ribbon, then select the box for Bookmarks Pane.

When you create a bookmark, the following elements are saved with the bookmark: Configure a report page the way you want it to appear in the bookmark.

As you navigate around your view, you can return to the study area's spatial extent by accessing the bookmark.

You can also use bookmarks to highlight areas in the view that you want others to see.

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