Trophy wife dating dating calculator love

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If such are the outcome sat professional front, every Man would like to have atrophy life beside her, well Lady Luck is what they say.The Unknown Recognition Men are most amazed by the recognition they get as this department works for women.Getting such amazing reaction and knowing they are jealous of you brings an unconditional joy within, which is why Trophy Wives are preferred.Men think to have achieved something when such reaction he gets from his peer and social circle.However, as there are benefits of having a Trophy wife, there can be cons to it as well.

This can be one of the reasons while other can be increasing the social status.

It may happen that they used to go to same places before having a trophy wife and nobody even noticed him.

But after he got a trophy wife for himself, suddenly he becomes the talk of the town.

The Work status Professional parties and events are meant to be for the family.

When men take their wives along to such events, it is likely that she would get notice.

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