The worst case scenario survival handbook dating and sex

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Five years and more than four million copies later, it’s a bona fide cultural phenomenon.“It was an amazing experience, and it still is,” says Josh’s co-author, Dave Borgenicht C’90, with some wonderment.

In addition, the small size of the FLSR flask allows users to enjoy smokeless tobacco unobtrusively while in public.

• You spill wine all over the table, yourself or your date.

The best-case scenario is that you and your date laugh it off. If you like one another, it’s an easy way to ask them out for a second date — to a dry cleaners where you’ll foot the bill. If the sparks aren’t there, it’s a built-in excuse to end the evening early. There are a million ways things can go wrong—unexpected traffic, the boss asks you to stay later than you planned, mistiming on how long it takes to get ready — and all of a sudden you’ve kept your date waiting. If you sound stressed about being late, they’ll be stressed while they’re waiting. For smokeless tobacco users, the mere thought of taking a spit cup or bottle on a date is horrific, and of course, an absolute no-no. You might think about investing in a portable spittoon made by FLASR, an Atlanta-based company that specializes in creating smokeless tobacco accessories.

Could a person deliver a baby in a taxicab if the situation presented itself?

Is it possible to defend yourself against a swarm of attacking killer bees?

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