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Sleeping with men too soon is the kiss of death for a long-term relationship. They claimed that it was the nineties and that women—especially powerful, professional women such as doctors, lawyers, [MBAs], Wall Street traders, and so on—no longer had to wait for men to make the first move. Wow, did we wish we could just go to a party and talk to the really cute guy on the other side of the room, even if he didn’t approach us.

The longer it takes for the physical side of the relationship to catch up to the emotional side, the better. After all, these books said women were working the same jobs and commanding the same salaries as men. We could wish all we want, but the reality was something else.

But these mistakes can be easily corrected with a set of In this book, you will find out, among other things: • Why you must let a man e-mail you first, regardless of how you met him • Why not to answer men’s ads • How to create a good screen name or ad name • The right way—and the wrong way—to write an online ad • How and when to answer men’s e-mails and Instant Messages • How to do in any relationship that uses e-mail, no matter whether you first met online or offline • How to prevent the relationship from becoming too casual • How to not let online men waste your time • How to set up the first face-to-face meeting with your e-mail guy (is that a man must pursue a woman and she must be mysterious and challenging, how is that premise going to work on an Internet dating website where you have to post a photo and describe yourself in an ad for all the world to see?

You can definitely retain your mystery and keep yourself from being too available on dating websites and even in chat rooms.

What the other dating books didn’t get is this: A woman can go to Harvard Law School just like a man and make the same salary at a law firm and even clobber that man in court, but let her try to apply that aggression to dating and she’s bound to lose out.

Time and again, she’ll hear that the guy wasn’t interested, or that he spoke to first, the one who allowed mystery and romance to happen. Of course it doesn’t, because work is intellectual, while dating is emotional.

These women are just as prone to making the same mistakes online as women using online dating services and chat rooms—You must watch what you say, how often you say it, no matter what or how often he e-mails you, otherwise the relationship becomes so casual that it can go poof! What many women don’t realize is that an e-mail is just like a phone call—it does count!

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He has to feel a spark, seek you out, and at some level jump through hoops to commit"—if they speak to you first and then you let them pursue you by playing hard to get. Equal legal rights and equal pay for women in the workplace cannot change a man’s basic romantic nature. Our first book struck a chord the first year it came out, despite the fact that some women just didn’t want to believe they couldn’t call men or make things happen—especially if these women had big salaries and owned their own homes and were powerful in other areas of their lives.

We’ve formed our own company and we offer seminars, worldwide contacts and support groups, a newsletter and private phone and e-mail consultations. They were sick and tired of well-meaning strategies that didn’t work in real life.

Even therapists agreed that women needed to set boundaries, that do-what-you-feel-like dating doesn’t work, so much so that we revised our chapter "Don’t Discuss Now you are reading our online dating book. Obviously, you are using the Internet to meet men or you’ve met a man in person and are communicating via e-mail a lot but you are not sure exactly how to do it.

We maintain that we are, indeed, feminists: We are both ambitious and powerful women.

We have written a bestselling book that was translated into 27 languages. Two million women worldwide agreed with us enough to buy our book.

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