The game dating eve

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Get some balloons, put papers with designated activities and games to do in them, and pop the balloon at the designated time for some awesome New Year’s fun!

Some early adventure games trapped the players in unwinnable situations without ending the game.

Continue that until you have gone through all the pictures and the person with the most points can earn a small prize.

What a fun way to celebrate the year with your family!

Your tree now has all the items you will need to make your celebration at midnight perfect! Get your used wrapping paper left over from Christmas (tissue paper and newspaper work great too), some packaging tape, and small gifts, candies, etc.

At midnight, pop all of the balloons, light your sparklers, wear the hats and glasses, and take home the small prizes that were in the balloons. Start making a ball with the items by wrapping the gifts into the paper and securing with the tape.

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