Team fortress 2 validating every time

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Yeah my installation started doing this recently...

I'm going to try backing it up, deleteing it, and then restoring the backup. Before you turn off your computer do the following: On the top left of the steam client, click "steam", then click "exit". Leave a reply if it works and make sure that the others who suffer this problem finally have a reliable fix.

It might help you to defragment your hard drive if you haven't in ages also.

These three things when done regularly will mean you never have to validate you files again.

Once these have both completed fully, restart your pc after closing steam manually.

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Let it validate your Steam Files, it tends to hang at times once it reaches 52%, 56%, and 100% for some reason, but if you're patient it should finish.

Just let it validate the files and go do something else in the meantime.

Every-time I reload steam and run TF2 it always runs the validating files box and does that until it freezes on 85% then I can close the box and TF2 will run.

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