Swinging people for sex datings

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A single guy who has that combination of qualities could feel threatening to my husband, to our marriage.

And if we ever did find such a man, and my husband was miraculously okay with him, how would we even go about broaching the subject? I mentioned earlier that we had used a swinger community website to meet our lovely unicorns.

First of all, I am finicky; attraction for me is more complex than it is for my husband (probably because sex and love have been intertwined in my consciousness for so long, and I never did have a lot of casual sex).

Sexy for me is usually wrapped up in intellect, style, sense of humor, and emotional connection.

We planned to meet up, and went away for a weekend. I was nervous going into it, but my husband was so excited, so nervous and vulnerable himself, and so concerned about me, that it all felt okay.

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We have been together for a decade, married for years.Most members are open-minded, sex-positive couples who are interested in having interesting conversations, being friends, and possibly hooking up if the chemistry is right.My husband and I started having fun together on that website, looking at pictures of cute couples, sending and receiving flirty messages, and exploring how it felt.We tell each other just about everything and there is no one I like hanging out with more than my husband.Our friends think we are sickening because we can’t keep our hands off of each other.

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