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Robb told me afterwards that at previous Speed Date nights, some men registered, paid the and left.

I wish he had told me that first, then I would have felt like a brave man.

I have been wrong too many times in both directions. And conversely, I have judged people positively initially, only to altar my thoughts later. After they had over two years of long-distance phone conversations and countless e-mails, they finally spent a weekend together and got engaged, and married one month later.

When I first met my high school best friend Bill, I thought he was a total loser. A dear San Diego friend recently married a man I probably would have strongly endorsed if I had met him. That marriage lasted five months, and should have been put out of its misery after a week.

When the chemistry at a first meeting is off the chart good, we will look for things in the other person to justify the investment our heart has made.

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Find love and romance with a cedar rapids speed dating style of matchmaking.Some believe in love at first sight, and others are wary of the value of first impressions, perhaps because in the past they had quickly fallen deeply in love with sociopaths.I'm somewhat ambivalent about the usefulness of my initial reactions at a first meeting.And you remember my ventures into the dating scene have left me feeling vulnerable without the presence of my trusty nerdy old-school appointment book in my shirt pocket, and the comfort of my nine year old daughter/dating coach/fashion advisor Kaitlin. Boltini Lounge is a very nice little bar in downtown Champaign, and manager Robb Tobias was a very gracious host. I hesitated before ordering a patty-melt, and engaged in internal dialog.Not quite as flashy as Bob Eubanks on the ‘60's TV show "The Dating Game," but he got the job done with efficiency and warmth. "It's high fat, and tonight you want to look thinner." "Too late to worry about that." "Should I salt it? " "No, you know how you always drip ketchup on your shirt." "Eat the onions? " I am not into one-night stands, so I did not bother to do a frantic house-cleaning before I headed out for the evening.

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