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I’m 5’7I can write here all sorts of things, Who I am What I do About my work About my free time But,......... This way it leaves us something to talk about I can write here all sorts of things, Who I am What II'm an engineer I've worked with many companies I'm slim and my height is 5.

5 the color of my hair is black I like to dress simple I love every body I'm single father looking for future wife And am ready to do A man with simple mind, A man of repute, I am an Engineer, I specilises in Construction work ranging from Stadium, Brigdes, Roads and Estate planner, i love to spend my leisure time at beaches with the woman of my To begin with, i am Robert by name, i am an hardworking, sincere and a kindhearted man as people will say, i also have a good sense of humor, i enjoy traveling, camping, boat cruising, swimming and cooking, i also love I'm a man of true character who believes in giving everyone a fair chance.

And it certainly cannot ever be accused of having any sort of clear image, apart from this walking event each year.

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Themed around the slogan “The walk of the world” the city is awash with music, performances, parties, markets, festivities and the occasional taking in of some form of alcohol.This is the 29th annual report on rare birds in the Netherlands to be published in Dutch Birding.This report comprises records from 2008 as well as belat­ed and reconsider­ed records, dating back to 1902, which have been evaluat­ed by the Dutch rarities committee, the Commissie Dwaal­gasten Nederlandse Avifauna (CDNA).The only week when the city is in the news and receives national attention.Nijmegen never rises beyond the tenth place in lists of the most popular cities in the Netherlands.

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