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There's no way any of this would go down remotely close to how it does.

There's no way a crew which can afford multiple high-res "button cameras" has such shitty "real cameras." There's no way that crew would bring in lights, screens, a boom mic, and four or five cameras but leave the goddamn spare batteries in the car. And then we're really gonna have this girl confess in the middle of the shoot that she's cheated on her fiance with his best friend and she's pregnant with his child?

The bike segment is the most egregious offender of this.

We literally open the scene by establishing that this guy is a BIKING enthusiast riding his BIKE on a BIKING TRAIL and he makes a CALL on his CELL PHONE, indicating that not only does he have a cellular device, he definitively HAS SERVICE, and yet this young, athletic, annoying fuck ("Thanks, babe. See ya soon, babe.") bumbles into zombie-dom with little to no resistance.

The higher production value doesn't come close to making up for that.

Molten pewter was poured into a sand mould sculpted directly into the beach by hand, and once cooled the sand was dug away to reveal a pewter stool.", "shopping_flags": [], "video_status_message": null, "rich_metadata": {"has_price_drop": false, "site_name": "Vimeo", "description": "Inspired by a childhood spent on the beaches of Cornwall building castles, boats and tunnels in the sand, I decided to return to my favourite beach at Caerhays on\u2026", "link_status": 0, "title": "Hexagonal Pewter Stool", "locale": "en", "type": "richpindataview", "amp_url": "", "url": " "tracker": null, "apple_touch_icon_link": "

It's certainly not scary, which is pretty disappointing for any entry into the horror genre, but particularly one which has no larger story or themes to grasp onto and only serves as a portmanteau of smaller, separate short films.

The backbone narrative we open with and that ostensibly serves as a tethering point for the various short films is boring, illogical, and lame.

Il resto è fuffa, la storia principale poi è praticamente senza senso.

More extreme, more goofy, more tongue-in-cheek than the first one.

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