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WHITE: Oh, I was -- yes, I was getting ready to leave the house, and my son walked up.

And thanks to you, you have made me what I am today.

You have a new -- it's a little, dare we say, sexier?

And they said: Well, I think we have found someone.

So it's -- and I hope you will still love me when I say it.

SAJAK: But talk about the time leading up to it, when you knew you were going to come in, how it felt, how you -- your memory of the actual audition, and how you felt afterwards when you went home, if you said, "I did good," "I didn't do very well." Talk about it a little bit.

I'm talking about Vanna White, the lovely former letter-turner, now letter-toucher.But all the interviews, all the -- everything that we do, I learned from watching you.But in all lives, in all careers, there have been some ups and downs, and some things that are not so pleasant to talk about.SAJAK: They already found -- they thought they had the new girl.Tags: texas legal age of consent datingunique online dating usernameschristian siriano datingbrett davern dating100 percent canadian dating site Freesex stream chatradiometric dating means placing events in their proper sequenceupdating firmware on mp3 player So, diplomatically, I call and I say: "So I hear -- so who you thinking about?

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