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This requires that both parties to the adulterous conduct are disposed or inclined and there is opportunity to satisfy such inclination. Finally, and this is the critical point, adultery may be proven if there was inclination and opportunity PRIOR to the separation and the "adulterous party" has continued in the relationship after separation.

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This decision does not invalidate the current registration regime under SORNA for those convicted after December 20, 2012.The Court determined that his absence from the jurisdiction prior to sentencing was of no moment because he would not have completed the 10 year registration period prior to the effective date of SORNA.Therefore, would have been subjected to increased registration requirements.Therefore, it may not be considered as evidence against someone in a divorce or alimony/support action. So, if you were sentenced prior to December 20, 2012 OR the alleged offense occurred prior to December 20, 2012 this decision applies to you.

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