Reunitd dating

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Terrence Howard was once arrested on domestic violence charges and folks are saying that's why he should have kept his comment (that he later retracted) about Chris Brown & Rihanna to himself.He said: According to a Whitemarsh Police Department report, after Howard and Lori Mc Commas argued on the phone, the actor warned, "Don't disrespect me by hanging up on me or I'll come over and hurt you." Mc Commas then "hung up and contacted 911 fearing Howard was serious." While Mc Commas was speaking with a police dispatcher, Howard "showed up at the victim's residence and began breaking the door down." Mc Commas ran to the rear of the house and into the backyard.

Stretch your minds a bit...there anything that your Mother or Sister can do that you would state that they "deserved" to be beat? A...trick in full play these days comes from voodoo. Wow I had no idea about the terrence howard situation, I always thought that he acted just like the characters he plays onscreen in real life.plays those crazy roles a little too real and believable to think otherwise.the way he looks and talks when he does interviews,when he's at award shows etc,it's obvious that he is capable of something like domestic violence. Now they are saying we get beat up....[/quote] From some of the comments I have seen I believe it. interesting tidbit about the fellas beating down the ladies, and everybody having something crazy to say about CB, when they have their own lil skeletons..shame...damn, damn shame THE TRUTH IS, INSPITE OF THEIR FAULTS, AMERICAN MEN ARE THE ONLY DECENT BLACK MEN ON THIS PLANET.

you are just a primate who has not evolved to a HUMAN BEING.

[quote comment="429749"][quote comment="429724"][quote comment="429674"][quote comment="429634"][quote comment="429627"]Bey will be next...[/quote] What makes you think that? Jay and Bey are both too smart and have TOO MUCH going on with their careers (and bank acciounts) to do a dumb thing like that.

I had one boyfriend who I found out was doing God Knows what back in Jamaica.

I told him I wanted to use condoms and he had the nerve to slap the crap out of me.

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