Pulse stopped updating

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If you are seeing your heart rate data in the Heart Watch i Phone app, but not seeing any data on your Heart Watch Watch app, then this is likely a Health Kit permission problem. This should fix most cases of not seeing data on the Watch. There is a very good chance we can help you with your Watch problems and get everything working.

Unfortunately if you decide to post your problem as a review on the App Store, there is no way we can help you as it is not possible for us to contact you by this means and this is really depressing as we want to help you.

When you are active, by default your Apple Watch will not take automatic heart rate readings.

When exercising, you need to tell your Watch that you are doing a workout.

Also, when scrolling through the different light shows, there should be an option to turn the lights Off, but there isn’t.

For example, if you are a highly trained athlete, your resting heart rate may be lower than 50 and you may choose to alter the colour band values.

Having a high waking heart rate can be an indication of poor cardiovascular health and can indicate things such as hardening of the arteries and restrictions in the diameter of your blood vessels.

I’ll start by saying that when I first set up my JBL Pulse 3, while I was overall happy with the lightshow, it wasn’t as fluid or on beat as I expected.

It seemed more like random lights flashing than actually in sync with the music.

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