Psychology of dating older men

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And this is to speak only of its detriment to women’s romantic lives. They’re “exponentially” more likely to get interviews than women deemed less attractive, writes Rudder in his book Because a woman’s age is strongly tied to her perceived attractiveness, her financial prospects are likely to suffer as she ages.

It takes a 40-year-old man nearly two years to achieve a pregnancy with a woman at peak fertility.)It’s an idea that serves to frighten women, to make us grateful for the male attention we receive and warn us that it could all evaporate within a few short years.We also don’t know what string of DNA, if one exists, would keep this predisposition alive in humans today — nor how powerful it would be compared to social structural influences.The evolutionary biologist’s perspective is usually more nuanced than a random dude’s assertion that men “just prefer” younger women.But it’s trumpeted in unscientific terms — wildly overstating the claims made by practicing scientists — and disseminated with the aim of shoring up a system that benefits men rather than rigorously establishing what’s true.It’s myopic to delve into this research without also examining the society that brought it about.

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