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I'm two weeks into a relationship (my first ever) with a girl who was raised Pentecostal and now attends a local Vineyard church.When it comes to a lot of the charismatic movement, I don't know yet where I stand on the state of the spiritual gifts. She speaks in tongues, and though I've never personally witnessed it from her (nor have I ever attended a Pentecostal church, except for once a long time ago that I don't even remember), I know that she takes it seriously.If you focus on this one thing, you will make it into an issue. If no one is there to interpret it, it shouldn't be used. But I will never judge or think differently of people who don't agree with it. If she insists on making it into an issue, she wasn't worth it. Also the greek word for tongues is exactly "different language" so it would be more like suddenly speaking fluent chinese or tagalog with no prior education. I know that at least /u/Autsin, /u/Blalal, /u/Dubshack and myself are all charismatic, so you won't get any grief from us... ;)PS: Sorry, for outing you guys if you weren't ready.

We are on schedule to present our final candidate and make a recommendation to the Congregation in March.

We have uploaded the MIF on to the CLC (Church Leadership Connection) website. We create our profile (our MIF) and the candidates upload their profiles (their PIFs).

The CLC website then makes the “matches.” We have had our first set of matches.

we also found that to be quite helpful when we wanted an opinion on the "original language."The best advice I can give is: don't worry about it.

I have seen the topic of spiritual gifts destroy families and friends. Whether you believe the spiritual gifts or not DOES NOT CHANGE SALVATION. I personally do believe in the spiritual gifts as I have seen them in profound ways.

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