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But keep in mind that Jailbreaking have some disadvantages too, such as you may get ban(rare cases) play online, PS plus service is limited to the original firmware and the warranty will be voided as soon as you try to install custom firmware.

PS3 Jailbreak is not compatible with online multiplayer services.

Unlike PS3 Jailbreak there is no risk of getting a ban by Sony from PSN services.

PS3 Jailbreak firmware 4.82 is available to download for free, We are proud to provide the PS3 Jailbreak for free to our proud gamer community with amazing Apps such as PS3 Jailbreak apps Artemis, Awesome file manager, PS3 Jailbreak Games, Awesome Mountpoint manager, Backup manager V2, Games package, Ps3 Homebrew store.

PS3 jailbreak apps “homebrew” is a great way to explore more and get the full potential out of giant gaming systems like PS3 providing the beyond limit performance and amazing game-play improvements.

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Sony has released the latest firmware version 4.84 for its home console Play Station 3, If you have already updated your PS3 firmware to version 4.84 then you may install the details given below but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on PS3 running its firmware version 4.82/below then you may able to Jailbreak PS3 without any difficulties.In the meantime there is no need of downgrading PS3 firmware and stay away from the scams happening online where they promise to downgrade your PS3 firmware to its older version but instead, they just install malware.Maybe you are not enough lucky to have a PS3 running a firmware version compatible with PS3 jailbreak at the moment then just try PS3 CFW Exploit which is same as the Jailbreak but with the benefit of not getting ban while playing online.PS3 CFW Exploit is a developed Play Station 3 Custom Firmware which takes advantage of bugs present in PS3 original firmware and the good news is that Sony latest released firmware 4.84 for PS3 has some exploits which can be replaced by PS3 CFW Exploit 4.84. Most frequently asked a question about PS3 jailbreak is can you downgrade PS3 firmware to its older version? The reason is simple and everyone knows “The Time Era” we are living in the Online era of Gaming and there is no way to just play games in their offline story mode anymore.If anyone prefers to downgrade PS3 to install a jailbreak, I recommend him to install exploit instead which have great advantages over Original PS3 firmware and safe to use.

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