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Bean) and I am very excited about this because there is a potential for him to be the Doc to discharge us... He will have seen us at our worst and then at our best. Anyway tomorrow is another eye exam if they are worse tomorrow there is a possibilty we will have to go to Childrens' Hospital for the suregery. Oh last night I went to the March of Dimes web site, they are doing a fundraiser calling "Banding Together for Babies" and what I did was created a band with Bryce's name and some info the site asked for and I send the link to people I know who I think would be willing to make a donation to the March of Dimes in Bryce's name.

Also his flow and O2 on the Cannula has been turned down from 300 cc's to 200 cc's and from 35-40% O2 to 25%! The doctor that took care of Bryce in the beginning when he was real sick is coming on service for the month of July (Dr.

I have posted a couple new pics, you can see how fat he's getting, I love it!

And also are trying stop this premature birth epidemic with research and things like that so if you are trying to think of a good place to donate money at some point The March of Dimes is a great cause and if it weren't for their efforts many of these babies would not survive.

This number belongs to a scammer who will lie to you and try to get your bank login info and says he is from the bank, he lies. What makes someone join an organization like the All-Polish Youth? Many try and intellectualise what makes a person become attracted to ideologies or religions that demand allegence to a strong dictator figure or authority.Much of their work tried to explain the rise of fascism and nazism in Europe. Adorno’s most famous work, The Authoritarian Personality was yet another attempt to merge Freud with Marx.

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