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First of all the demonstrations in moldova in the early 90s were not about "pack your bags and go home" like some neo-communists like to claim.

I don't know if you are a neo-communist yourself or if you just heard this from neo-communists but the demonstrations were for Moldovan-self determination.

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Thus, it's not a separate theory or even a stretch to say that it occurs in Moldova -- it occurs in nearly every country on Earth, in any large bilingual community.

Just because your nationalism tells you to delete anything which suggests anything about RM may be even a little bit different, doesn't mean it's right.

Which side called people communists, stalinists, fags, and any number of other offensive terms?

Was it the side Fuck buddy in moldova agrees with a Moldovan Cyrillic Fuck buddy in moldova, or the side which disagrees?

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This site provides quality over quantity and is great for those looking for a long term relationship.Hundreds of tousands of people took part and it was supported by a lot of people in m Oldova. RM gained independence in August of No demonstration after that would be demanding Moldovan independence.After all, why would you demonstrate for something you already have??????The existence of through variation is simply not related to this issue. But regardless of what you say, there were the demonstrations in Chisinau in the s where people said "pack your bags and go back to Russia" And, even if I do discriminate against Romanians, as you claim, that does not mean I hate them.Was it the side which dogs with a Moldovan Cyrillic Wikipedia, or the side which disagrees. I do not hate you although I don't much like you; I don't hate Ronline and I consider him to be a very logical and thinking person; there are many Romanians who I like and who obviously don't "hate" Russia like you do.

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