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Ethical subjectivism in the history of Christianity has sometimes been called Divine Command Theory (DCT).

This means that whatever God commands is right and whatever God prohibits is wrong.

If the will is human, then one has the basis for modern moral relativism, in which humans together (e.g., a legislature) decide what is right and wrong.

The savior religions had a great liberating effect in that all people were equal before God.Conversely, if people do good deeds, then they will advance in spiritual progress.This is connected to reincarnation, where those with a "negative balance" in good deeds will come back in a lower position in society or the animal world.Shaw Studio, Andrew Klavan, Wiki Leaks Updates, Capitalism.com, ‎Funniest and Craziest Videos, Diamond And Silk, I Love Woodworking, Mexico Food Tv, Rare America, Abandoned Spaces, Jollibee, Norwood Portable Sawmills, South Africa Uncensored, ‎Europa Rising, Letters From The Persecuted Minority of South Africa, Stop White South African Genocide, National Automobile Dealers Association, Black Rifle Coffee Company, ‎U.In ethical subjectivism moral values are dependent on a will, human or divine, a willing subject.

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