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In fact, as someone at home in the mountains, with limited sailing experience, fear of deep water and a strong urge to roam, spending years on a boat couldn’t be more alien to me. For me this is is one of the last great adventures of our time, and I am right in the middle of it.Once you’ve seen Marienplatz and explored the Englisch Garten, you’ve seen everything Munich has to offer right? There’s so much to see and do in Germany’s third city.Facing the Watzmann and the Eagle's Nest, you can cool down gently and take in the stunning views. When I first got my sailing license at the age of 16, I knew that one day I would sail around the world. Next came numerous trips around the Baltic, Mediterranean and Caribbean with crews drawn from my circle of friends. Climate change will dramatically change this region in the near future.Inside is also a Roman steam bath and a Finnish-style sauna with colourful lighting.You’ll need to make like a Münchener, though, and leave the bathing suit at the door – saunas are an important part of German culture, and in most saunas, swimwear is actually banned.

Müller´sches Volksbad has been a public pool since it opened in 1901, and taking a dip today still costs only €4.40 (£3.75/.70).

My first experience as a skipper was on the IJsselmeer.

The goal was still clear – at the age of 30 I would buy a boat and sail around the world with it. I want to sail the passage before it is too late and Greenland truly becomes a green land. The world is fully charted, travelled and documented.

Hofbräuhaus München, Platzl 9, Munich, Germany, 49 89 290136100 Mingle with locals to the sound of traditional Bavarian music while enjoying a beer and floating down the Isar river on a giant raft.

This might sound slow, but these rafts actually pick up a fair speed.

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