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She is a desperate, insecure, drunken, drug addict.

She has no class or remorse for her actions or who gets hurt in the process.

I was messaged by this busted a55 sloot after she was dumbed by her now 4th babiesdad.

When she messaged me she was already pregnant with baby #4 but she didnt realized I knew that and she didnt tell me, so I played along.

Pu55y was very loose, stretched out, sweaty and generally beat up for only being the “first guy” this year.

But this Xanax slore needs to be called out (: by the way she’ll fuk for a bar!!Wife and mother material right here boys (; Kim Dunn has slept with most of the guys she works with at the prison (State of Maryland Pre-release Center and MCTC) but she particularly enjoys going after married men.She’s ruined several marriages and the stupid men keep falling for her sob stories about how she’s a victim. She’s nothing but a skank slore who gets off on attention and drama.After each failed affair she spreads the rumor that the married man pursued her and then ridiculed her and after getting what he wanted.She does this and then tells sob stories to her next mark to get sympathy and make him want to protect her. She also gets off on befriending the wives on social media so she can keep track of what the wife posts. She spent a years with a woman’s husband trying to make him love her.

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