Metasearch dating

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Metasearch gives independent hotels the opportunity to position themselves on a level playing field with the OTAs, even without the marketing might of a large chain.They have a chance to shift a share of their business from the OTA’s to book directly on their own site.Does Metasearch help or hinder the indepedent hotelier looking to drive direct bookings?Metasearch sites can be a great asset to your direct bookings, but it’s all down to how you manage your Metasearch channels.

Your reviews should be managed and improved upon as well as the strategic management of bids, markets and rate plans on the Metasearch engine itself.

Metasearch has rapidly emerged to become one of the leading ways users can find cheap deals for travel, in arenas from air fare to hotel accommodation.

This has significantly changed the distribution landscape for hotels.

Try taking the same reservation from the different sources and take a look at the cost to your hotel per reservation.

To achieve more direct bookings at a lower cost, Metasearch needs to be viewed as a marketing channel.

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