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This stereotype is just as vague as the image many have set in their minds in terms of what a Rajasthani looks like.

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Another stereotype, which has been heightened by Indian TV soaps, is that every Rajasthani wears traditional garb.

There’s a caricature in Rajasthani folk that all men are businessmen (though they make great business leaders and entrepreneurs) and all women are housewives.

We agree that some Rajasthani men are businessmen and some women are housewives (which is also no less than a job – 365 days a year, 24/7 – without compensation, just pure love and sheer joy).

This motto speaks to its rich and beautiful cultural heritage and hospitality and millions of people from across the world visit this royal land every year to experience it all.

However, many have some preconceptions about the state and its people.

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