Mandating physical

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The most important information leading to a diagnosis of physical abuse is obtained through the medical history.While perpetrators of child physical abuse and their victims come from all socioeconomic classes, certain factors place children at increased risk of physical abuse should raise the possibility of a diagnosis of child abuse.6 In many cases, injuries to children who cannot yet talk are not witnessed and may be attributed by the caregiver to another person, either a child or an adult.

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In addition, physicians caring for children must remain cognizant of the many medical conditions whose presentation can mimic signs of physical abuse.

Evidence shows that young children who receive daily physical education show significant academic improvement.

Beneficiaries of mandated programs are the least likely to participate in voluntary programs.

When possible, separate interviews should be held for the caregiver(s) and the child.

The interviewer should inform the caregiver of the concern about abuse and the steps to be taken in the evaluation, including assurance regarding the child's safety and the possibility of a referral to the local child protective services agency.

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