Keana reeves the actor dating

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It seems that Angelina Jolie’s neighbor in Liz Feliz is Reeves’ mother. Times Now News says that Reeves has met Jolie’s children and that his mother approves of both the lefties seeing each other.Neither of the two has stated to the media, so for now, it’s just speculation based on the word of third parties.Keanu Reeves is still one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, but he doesn't seem to be taking advantage of it at the moment.In fact, he says he's "the lonely guy." At least, that's what he told an international publication who asked his views on love while promoting his new movie “I don’t have anyone in my life.There is another person who became a heartthrob and an internet sensation lately because he looked so hopelessly sad on a park bench. She broke up with him when she was 16 and went on to date and married Jonny Lee Miller. He’s been in showbiz for 35 years and has acted in 72 films. She had her first boyfriend at the age of 14, and her mother kept the relationship under control by having him stay in her house.She attended her wedding in pants that bore the groom’s name in blood.

After her Divorce with actor Brad Pitt, she was given the sole custody of their six children.

Her most publicized relationship was the one with Brad Pitt. ) While Jolie initially received flak for causing him to divorce Jennifer Aniston, they would go on to become one of Hollywood’s power couples.

They had six children—three adopted and three of their own.

But to fans dismay all rumors are put to rest as the actors confirmed that they are not dating.

Buzzes were around the corner that after her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie has moved on in her life and is showing interest in the 54-year old actor.

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