Intimidating women family feud

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This began the political feud between the two which culminated in the July 11, 1804 duel.

Hamilton had been actively fighting against Burr's campaign for governor of New York; helping to ensure that a rival politician, Morgan Lewis, won. After several months marked by heated personal correspondence, published accusations, and verbal sparring between the two, he challenged Hamilton to a duel.

Several of the Hatfield gang surrounded the Mc Coy cabin and opened fire on the sleeping family.

The cabin was set on fire in an effort to drive Randolph Mc Coy into the open.

He was having repeated run-ins with Drew Hasley, an older local citizen who had been a staunch Confederacy backer.

When Hasley's son, Samuel, returned from service in the war, he became active in the conflict with Early, escalating the feud. Calvin Clark, an Early ally, was gunned down shortly afterward in Arkansas.

He escaped by making a break, but two of his children were murdered, and his wife was beaten and left for dead.

Mortally wounded in the abdomen by Burr, Hamilton died the next day.Fighting between the families eased following the hanging of Mounts.Trials, however, continued for several years, with the trial of Johnse Hatfield the last, in 1901.This was "The Union League", in Pilot Grove, Texas, less than seven miles from Lee's home.By the time that Lee and other ex-Confederate soldiers of the area returned to their homes in northeast Texas, the region was already roiling in conflict, as most area residents resented the intrusion of the Reconstruction soldiers stationed throughout the state.

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