Intimidating panhandler

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'And I think that seeing this guy in uniform and wearing the uniform that my brothers and sisters have died in, it was more than I was willing to stand and take.' During his time in the Army, Goodwin also aided in the search for survivors at Ground Zero following the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. 'Don't put it back on.'Goodwin, who served in the Army between 19, says he reacted strongly to the case of 'Stolen Valor' because he was burying a Marine friend who died of cancer.'Maybe one of the reasons I was so into this yesterday is tomorrow I'm burying a good friend who is a Marine…I'm putting that man in the ground tomorrow,' Goodwin told My Fox Tampa Bay.

The law also identifies several locations at which panhandling is prohibited, including bus stops or shelters, sidewalks and roadways, near any automated teller machines, all banks and financial institutions, and any public place.

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A man faces 45 days in jail after threatening to kill two TTC employees Monday.

“Aggressive panhandling” is defined in the proposed law as any threatening, intimidating or harassing behavior used by a solicitor or panhandler toward a person that would include making any physical contact or touching another person or approaching within an arm’s length, without the person’s consent.

The law was touched off by reports of at least one homeless person approaching cars and pedestrians near the intersection of Military and Packard roads.

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