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The legality surrounding workplace harassment is very dicey.

For instance, bullying or intimidation of whistleblowers or individuals protected under anti-discrimination laws are prohibited by the Federal Law; meanwhile, not all form of harassment is considered illegal.

What then is Workplace intimidation, and how can you curb it?

Notwithstanding, the more frequent, or severe the conduct, the more chance to complain to the Federal Court or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC).The argument here is that your employer failed to protect you from have promised to do so.The claim is dependent on the tone of the company policy or employee handbook.For instance, Bullying behavior will be termed 'illegal' based on what is done, and sometimes, the motives behind the actions could be considered.Nevertheless, there are points when workplace intimidation becomes illegal, as in criminal behavior. This is dependent on the specific terms of the respective state's penal code, a bully in a work environment can be prosecuted for kicking, hitting, poking, tripping, or otherwise injuring you.

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