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OK, I’ll say it — sometimes best friends are way better than significant others.You don’t have to worry about looking flawless when you’re around them, and you can be your absolute most embarrassing and know that they’ll still love you.Before you know it, you’re wishing for a full-blown relationship with the person who used to be your best pal, and that’s a recipe for a lot of potential confusion and stress.Behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva and relationship expert Susan Winter know how to spot the signs, and they’re sharing their best tips with all of us.The intensity of these reactions are euphoric and make you ‘addicted’ to your best friend.” It’s not just in your head — you might literally be feeling chemically attached!Be careful if you start to notice that you want to be around your BFF every second of every day. ”So if your friendship fits into any of these categories, what can you do about it?“Your friend will most likely pick up on your behavioral clues …even if you try to suppress your feelings, they will present themselves in some form.” She suggests taking a step back to try to discern where these intense feelings came from.

Silva cautions that when you start turning to them for everything, you may be catching feels.You can sit on your couch, cry over stupid work problems, and gossip about that mean girl who lives down the street. Things get tricky when the lines start to get blurred — look out for the subtle signs you might be falling in love with your best friend.We hear stories about people who fell for their best friend when they were least expecting it, but how do you know if this is happening to you?This will be your guide to the necessary actions,” she advises.If you’re sure you want to pursue something more, it might be time to broach the subject.“Make sure that you are truly attracted to them romantically and not falling for them because they are convenient,” Silva notes.

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