External excel links not updating

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Visit Stack Exchange Summary of the problem: I would like excel NOT to link to the spreadsheets links I'm copy and pasting until I have the entire spreadsheet setup.

Visit Stack Exchange I have a 2013 Excel document with external links to other documents.

If anyone knows a good way to solve this issue, it would save me a great deal of time when I'm setting up new aggregation work books. Maybe Also just for clarity when I say linked cell I mean a cell that's formula is Depending on the volume of the data you are copying, this may not be a viable option but...

Were I to go to an actual cell that contains an external link that isn't updating, press F2, then enter, it calculates the result and it updates fine.

The values will also update when I shut down a workbook and re-open, or if I press Shift Ctrl Alt F9, it will do it, but not during a normal F9. I think it is highly likely that it is due to the file size.

Automatic update of the embedded and linked objects is extremely powerful feature of Microsoft Word, but it could be boring for a large document.

Locking a link prevents the object from being updated by the original application file, such as an Excel spreadsheet file.

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