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Women’s Open, Women’s British Open, and Kraft Nabisco Championship.

But, since then, knowledgeable sources have came forward saying the call was made by a male golfer, yet unnamed, who was inside her home at the time. The caddie, Missy Pederson, recently told the that Blasberg said she wasn’t going to play at this week’s Bell Micro L. Or, since he makes booku millions in public endorsements of products, there is a level of public trust and truth at issue here and honesty should be maintained on all personal fronts?

She gets slammed unfairly for being a poor tennis player (she's never won a singles tournament), but she was at times one of the best doubles players in the world, even reaching #1 at various times.

Anni Friesinger : Anni Friesinger is a talented German speed skater who has also spent time modeling.

She won the gold medal for figure skating at the 1976 Winter Olympics.

Erica Blasberg : Erica Blasberg is one of the hotter players on the LPGA tour, and Puma made the smart decision of making her the face of their golfing brand.

She dated pro baseball player Brady Anderson for awhile in the 90's, and is now dating a Hollywood producer named Arnon Milchan.

Ashley Force : I'm not entirely sure how a hot young girl gets into funny car drag racing (I'm not really sure how anyone gets into funny car drag racing), but Ashley Force definitely provides reason to watch the sport.

She was linked to damn near every high profile actor and athlete in the 70's (including Burt Reynolds, Geraldo Rivera, Adam Faith, Vitas Gerulaitis, Pat Boone, and John Gardner "Jack" Ford, son of U. President Gerald Ford) and even hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Cristie Kerr : Cristie Kerr is another LPGA hottie.

Amanda Coetzer : Amanda Coetzer is the most successful tennis player in South African history.

She developed a reputation during her career as a giant killer, regularly beating players ranked higher than her.

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