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I love my Sheraton 6 years old because is an awesome guitar for its price. IMO a bit heavy to play stand up but its weight adds a good sustain…

Read Full Review One of the more polished 335 alikes from Epiphone.

I also have a Gretsch hollow body electric and a Gibson-Les Paul Epi, but I keep going back to my Sheraton 2.

I like the 3 part neck (made in Korea) and the way the neck feels up and down the fretboard.

It's the guitar John Lennon walloped on stage, yet nobody could hear him, I wonder why ? Read Full Review Written on: 20/07/2010 Acutally, it was an Epiphone Casino that John Lennon 'walloped' on stage.

Very similar appearance to the Sheraton, but completely hollow inside and P90 pick-ups instead of humbuckers.

There is no comparison between a Heritage H535 and an Epiphone Sheraton.

I bought my Heritage a few years ago and its sound, playability and build quality were so much better than my 67 335 thst I sold the Gibson.

I have also owned an Epi Dot and a Sheraton - both korean - with the view that they would be a backup to the Heritage but they went the same way as the Gibson.

Why do people compare the Epi /Sheraton with the 335. I have had No tuning problems, electrics work fine And it looks a million. I always loved the look and feel of it though, and it was much lighter than the solid bodies I'd had.

Read Full Review In 92 I wanted a new guitar so I went to the shop to get a Gibson ES-335. I purchased the Sheridan and have never regreted it.

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