Dwyane wade dating gabrielle union still

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By: Taren Vaughan Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been dating for some years now and make it a point to support each other every chance that they get, even if it means missing out on job opportunities to do so.

And although they claim to be very much in love with each other, they aren’t pressed to make moves to the altar as of yet as Gabrielle Union has admitted that she is still enjoying just being D Wade’s girlfriend.

According to gossip, Sandrina is still very much in the picture, but Gabrielle and D Wade have an arrangement that allows both of the women to stay in his life and bedroom.

was informed about an alleged arrangement that Dwyane Wade has with his supposed jumpoff Sandrina where D Wade is said to have paid Sandrina to do a “minaj” with him and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union, Gabrielle allegedly agreeing to the arrangement: Not even the most beautiful or successful woman can keep these athletes faithful.

He calls himself a lucky of getting such a wonderful and understanding wife. In 2003, he was selected 5th overall by the Miami Heat.

FCP just received mail shedding some light on Heat Superstar Dwyane Wade’s love life and how he gets down in the bedroom.

Dwyane Wade has been stringing along his LA jumpoff Sandrina for some time, since before Gabby.

After that soon they were back in their relationship.

Soon after their patch up, they got engaged in December 2013.

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