Diablo dating

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While there are plenty of ways to build your characters for multiplayer and co-op, these builds are intended to help you stack experience as efficiently as possible.

The Barbarian is great for one thing above all else: Doing as much damage as (in)humanly possible while taking insane amounts of damage.

It starts at the first moment you catch a glimpse of a woman and progresses all the way to intimacy.

It’s also important to note that this article is solely focusing on solo builds.

When collected, you’ll increase your damage by over 1000%, gain damage reduction, and generate more fury.

A direct contrast to the barbarian, the Monk is a class all about discipline.

Each hit the player lands on an enemy generates a small bit of Spirit.

Since Spirit is directly tied to your active abilities, more Spirit means more of an opportunity to deal damage or heal yourself.

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