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A somewhat less common usage is to enumerate relationships by current sequential importance: the most important single relationship would be primary, the next most important would be secondary, the third would be tertiary, etc. Many polyamorous people however object to this sort of sequential "ranking".

The terms primary and secondary may refer to the relationship or by extension to a partner in such a relationship.

Polyamory is a hybrid word: poly is Greek for "many" (or "multiple") and amor is Latin for "love".

The article titled "A Bouquet of Lovers" written by Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart and first published in Green Egg Magazine (Spring 1990), a publication founded by her husband Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, is widely cited as the original source of the word.

A relationship is more likely to be called "polyamorous" if at least one relationship is long-term, involves some sort of commitment (e.g.

This term was meant to be inclusive, and in that context, we have never intended to particularly exclude "Swinging" per se, if practitioners thereof wished to adopt the term and include themselves...

Sometimes all groupings of three or more are called moresomes.

Significant relationships involving more than two people inherently contain multiple pairs of people who may have more or less significant individual relationships with each other.

The word polyamory does not actually appear in "A Bouquet of Lovers", referenced above.

The article does use the hyphenated "poly-amorous".

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