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These dating sim elements are often referred to as Romance Sidequests in the RPG genre.Life Simulation Games also tend to feature dating sim elements.Follow the story of Essi as she pursues the truth of her mother's death.The game occurs over 30 days, of which you can train Essi's psychic abilities, explore the school, collect notes, and make choices to determine her fate.She left a USB flash drive with a locked folder called "X-note".Unable to understand the purpose of it, Essi continued living her life as a normal junior high school student.However, what awaited her there was a lot more than what she could possibly imagine…More games and dating sims from me: [link]---------------------------------------------------------------------------This is a dating sim for you boys out there...

(I still love it, just not enough to really finish a huge ass flash game about it.) so, sorry if anyone who watches me solemnly watches for this game, because it is CANCELLED thanks for reading, have a good day.

if there was no death note Light would still be able to kill criminals working with the police (: my FULL gallery: YAOI pics: captured Ishida: KIRA: Renji: Renji x Byakuya: Kira: Death Note pics: L: L: Yagami Light: Kira: BLEACH: Ichigo: Abarai Renji: NARUTO: Sasuke: One Piece: Roronoa Zoro: ICICLES Dating Card Game Introducing ICICLES, the first ever card game for dating! ICICLES uses tiny cards on a keyring that fit in a purse or pocket.

X-note is a blend between Visual Novel and Dating Sim.

However, Essi is hardly normal, for she possesses power beyond normal humans.

Essi's quiet life was interrupted by a sudden visit by a young man named Yuon.

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