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Self-confidence always plays a big role in such cases.

Since they also have to date, then short guys have date be confident in their own skin and quit worrying about their height.

It is not known why this is the case, but experts have said that so-called “small man syndrome” may mean that shorter guys are not as confident with women.

The research also comes following another report that said that if your partner’s age ends in a 9 you should also keep a close eye on them.

Meanwhile, another factor on whether your man will cheat is intelligence, with Ashley Madison revealing that three percent of its members have a Ph. compared to just 0.7 percent of the global population.

One theory is that men with higher IQs generally have more resources to keep their liasions a secret.

A report on what drives men to cheat found that the majority of those that admit seeing another woman behind their partners’ back were over 5 feet 10 inches tall.

In fact, the study included in a report by online affairs website Ashley Madison found that taller men were twice as likely to cheat when compared to those under 5 feet 10 inches.

This issue has been boggling the dating scene for a while now, as some believe people should girl date girls taller short them or guys shorter than them. Does it mean date short guys and tall girls should never date simply because short the rules in the dating scene?

This can even score them a date with that tall girl whom they fancied, but never thought would go out with them because of their height.

Oh yeah, tall dating should not smile just yet as they also have a few things to learn themselves.

Shorter Singles is a dating site helping short men and short women singles find their true love.

We bring short people (under 5ft 8in tall) together online, whether you are a short man seeking a woman or a short woman looking for a gentleman. First of all, it's probably a good idea on your short men dating or short women dating profile to mention is height - it's best to be straight up about it to save awkward situations later.

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