Dating violence in alberta

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“It’s definitely encouraging,” says Lee, director of the Alberta Healthy Youth Relationships Strategy (AHYR) at Shift.“Research tells us that when schools and communities promote healthy youth relationships, they play a key role in protecting against teen dating violence.

Employees are eligible for domestic violence leave if an act of domestic violence occurs to: Employees eligible for domestic violence leave may take up to 10 days unpaid for the leave each calendar year.

Building the capacity of future educators and social workers in these areas, therefore, enables them to become advocates for the next generation.” AHYR was created by Shift in partnership with the Government of Alberta to support the implementation of the Alberta Family Violence Prevention Framework, which incorporates a primary prevention approach to stop violence before it starts.

Preventing teen dating violence and combating its negative impacts on youth, including depression, suicidality, and substance misuse, are key components of this framework.

The event also brought media and public attention to the pervasiveness of violence in adolescent dating relationships, and the importance of stopping the violence before it starts.

Interdisciplinary collaboration needed to effectively prevent and respond to teen dating violence “Teen dating violence is a complex social issue that cannot be solved by one group or discipline alone,” says Lana Wells, director of Shift, and Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

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