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It was believed that Apollo lived at Delos during the summer but spent his winters at Patara.Omens were interpreted in these two towns during the respective seasons.Eventually, with too little manpower to keep the sand out of the harbor, it silted up, became plagued with mosquitoes and malaria and that finished it off.Much of Patara remains undiscovered, buried in the shifting sand, including the famous Temple of Apollo.Piracy and looting had started in the Late Roman Age and by the mid-7th century the Arabs had built a fleet that challenged Byzantine naval supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean.Their raids eventually pretty much finished off Lycia.Patara was the major naval and trading port of Lycia, located at the mouth of the Xanthos River, until it silted up and turned into a malaria-plagued marsh.

In Byzantine times, Patara became a Titular see of Lycia and a suffragan of Myra.Many legends exist explaining the origin of the name of Patara.During the time of Lycia's Ptolemy domination, Ptolemaios II (reigned 285-246 B.Its port is reported to have been used through at least the 15th century and the Sultan Cem signed a treaty there in 1478/9.Church and chapel excavations point towards even greater shrinkage of the village and an increase in poverty.

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